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Custom services

The longstanding established reputation and strong business relationships with the main customs brokers in the ports of Vladivostok and Vostochny allow us to guarantee prompt customs clearance of cargoes, to give expert advice on legal and technical issues, as well as to ensure compliance with the terms and conditions of delivery of any goods from various countries of the world.


At the moment we can offer you the following range of customs services:

  • Drawing up a declaration for the seal of the client.
  • Identification of HS codes.
  • Calculation of customs duties, payments and fees.
  • Submission of documents to the customs authorities and customs clearance control.
  • Consultation on customs legislation issues.
  • Contract holder services.


If necessary, the Russian Transport Lines Company is ready to assist you in obtaining permits (certificate, declaration of conformity and other documents). For all questions you are interested in, please contact us at: tel .: +7 (4236) 665-838, fax: +7 (4236) 665-002. Mobile: +7-914-713-35-62