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Station list

The Russian Transport Lines Company carries out rail transportation between the main railway stations of the Russian Federation. Strong partnerships with the largest operators, as well as contractual relations with JSCo «RZD», allow us to offer the customer the widest geography of transportation within the Russian Federation. We work with the North Caucasian, Sverdlovsk, Volga, Far Eastern, Gorky, West Siberian, South Ural, Moscow, Northern, East Siberian, October railways.

Due to the presence of our own rolling stock, our partners in the regions of Russia offer the most rapid transportation of freights, including special, consolidated, multimodal and dangerous ones. Cooperating with the Russian Transport Lines Company, you are guaranteed to get the best service, security and ideal conditions for transportation of cargo.

Below is the list of the stations by which the delivery of freights by rail take place.


Volgodonskaya, North Caucasus Railways

Volzhskiy, Privolzhsk Railway

Yekaterinburg-tovarnaya, Sverdlovsk Railway

Kemerovo-Sortirovochnaya, West-Siberian Railway

Kirov-Kotlasskiy, Gorky Railway

Koyty, Northern Railway

Kleshchykha, West-Siberian Railway

Inya-Vostochnaya, West-Siberian Railway

Komsomolsk-on-Amur ,Far Eastern Railway

Kozhukhovo,Moscow Railway

Kostarikha,Gorky Railway

Kostroma-novaya. Northern Railway

Krasnodar-Sortirovochnyy, North Caucasus Railways

Kurgan, South Ural Railways

Kupavna, Moscow Railway

Kutum, Privolzhsk Railway

Lagernaya, Gorky Railway

Magnitogorsk, South Ural Railways

Makhachkala, North Caucasus Railways

Miass-1, South Ural Railways

Moscow, Moscow Railway

Murom-1, Gorky Railway

Nizhnevartovsk-1, Sverdlovskaya Railways 

Nizhnekamsk, Kuibyshev Railway

Nizhny Tagil, Sverdlovskaya Railways 

Novokuznetsk-Vostochnyy, West-Siberian Railway

Omsk-Vostochnyy, West-Siberian Railway

Orenburg, South Ural Railways

Orsk, South Ural Railways

Penza-II, Kuibyshev Railway

Pozim’, Gorky Railway

Privolzh’ye, Northern Railway

Pridacha,South-Eastern Railway

Rostov-trade, North Caucasus Railways

St Petersburg, October Railway

Sochi, North Caucasus Railways

Staromar’yevka, North Caucasus Railways

Surgut, Sverdlovskaya Railways 

Taltsy, East-Siberian Railway

Syktyvkar, Northern Railway

Tolyatti, Kuibyshev Railway

Tomsk-Gruzovoy, West-Siberian Railway

Trofimovskiy-2, Privolzhsk Railway

Ulyanovsk-3, Kuibyshev Railway

Khabarovsk-2, Far Eastern Railway

Cheboksary, Gorky Railway

Chelyabinsk-Gruzovoy, South Ural Railways

Chernikovka, Kuibyshev Railway

Chita-1, Zabaikal Railway

Yuryevets, Gorky Railway

Tsna, South-Eastern Railway