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Container provision

The Russian Transport Lines company invites you to use containers that are under the operational control of our company and are located at different cargo railway stations of the Russian Federation. Having found the closest to the point of departure in the list of stations, you can be sure that at this station you can load your cargo into a container and send it to its destination.

The Russian Transport Lines Company also invites to cooperate transport companies that interested in renting containers. Cooperation with us allows you to get the best prices, high level of service, as well as professional advice about the operation of all types of containers. An important advantage of cooperation with Russian Transport Lines LLC is the ability to deliver the container at any station where we have representative offices. This saves time and money, and also guarantees a significant increase in the efficiency of your company.

To conclude an agreement on the provision of the container, it is recommended to fill out an application form here.

Details can be obtained from our specialists: Natalia Sushchik ( or Irina Loskutova (