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Multimodal transportation

Marine Transportation

The Russian Transport Lines Company offers reliable delivery of consolidated and bulky cargo from China and high-quality service for shipping containers from the largest ports of Southeast Asia, America, Europe and Russia. Due to the strong partnerships with major companies-shipowners, our company has the opportunity to transport goods from Europe and China in a short time and on the most favourable terms.

The Russian Transport Lines company offers outsourcing of customs services, transport and logistics services, as well as full control over the movement of containers along the cargo route.

We accept shipments of any size and weight. The use of modern technologies allows to exercise complete control of the condition and safety of the cargo on the route.

The combination of the efficiency of marine transportation and the rich experience of our specialists, as well as an individual approach to each client, ensures the safety of the cargo and the optimal cost of shipping goods from China.


Railway transportation

The Russian Transport Lines Company carries out railway transportation on the territory of Russia, transportation from Europe, as well as transportation from Southeast Asia to Russia. We provide full freight forwarding services, including the organisation of loading and unloading operations at the points of departure and destination, cargo escort, as well as monitoring cargo safety and compliance with transportation terms and conditions. Loading and unloading operations are carried out by qualified specialists with the usage of high-tech equipment.

The Russian Transport Lines company carries out rail transportation and provides:

   - transportation and forwarding services;

   - complex services of a cargo transportation;

   - high-tech operations for loading and unloading;

   - organisation of route dispatches and shipments;

   - clearance of cargo customs declaration;

   - registration for internal customs transit.


We process customs cargo declarations and other documents that are necessary for the organisation of internal customs transit and export-import operations. Our specialists develop the shortest and safest routes for cargo transportation, which significantly optimises the carriage of goods by rail, reduces risks and overhead costs.

Due to the active use of state-of-the-art technology and means of communications, we have data on the location of the cargo and its state in real time. Our capabilities also allow to monitor the condition of the train, freight car, platforms and a separate container along the entire route of the cargo.


Road transportation

The Russian Transport Lines Company has a wide network of representative offices in the cargo ports of a number of countries and is ready to provide you with road carriage services from Europe, China, South Korea, Japan and other countries of Asia and America. Due to the presence of our own representatives and strong business relations with partners in these countries, we are able to arrange transportation of any complexity with almost any kind of transport. Along with international transportation of goods, we offer delivery to the customer's door. Delivery from the port of arrival to the point of destination or from the customer to the port of shipment is carried by road. We also perform customs clearance of cargo in China, consolidation and accumulation of cargo. Delivery by road is carried out on the territory of Primorye and the Far East and may include acceptance and credit clearance.

The Russian Transport Lines Company also provides transportation from the EU countries to the Russian Federation. Cargoes transit through the Baltic countries with the possibility of transhipment in the warehouses of the company's representative offices or without it.

If you require multimodal transportation services, you can send a request using our website, or a specialist of Russian Transport Lines will contact you shortly.


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