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Special cargoes

According to the Rules of cargo transportation on the territory of the Russian Federation, cargoes that require special conditions of storage and transportation, as well as goods that require special care are recognised as special. Special cargoes also include consolidated and oversized cargo.


Dangerous cargo

Dangerous cargo include explosive and flammable substances, weapons and ammunition, poisons and industrial products that are dangerous to humans, animals and the environment. Special rules of storage and transportation have been developed and successfully applied for dangerous cargo, concerning the placement and fastening of cargo, protection and security, packaging and protection from environmental exposure. Our specialists have extensive experience in the transportation of dangerous cargo, and are aware of all existing regulations and rules of Russian Railways, and successfully draw up declarations and fulfil all conditions for the transport of goods of this class. Also, thanks to our experience and knowledge, you will be able to minimise transportation costs, while not endangering the cargo, people or the area along the way.


Consolidated cargo

The presence of a network of agents in the countries of Southeast Asia, close cooperation with leading international transport companies, extensive experience in the field of organisation of international freight traffic allow us to pick up your cargo (lots from 100 kg) in more than 200 ports in the world. If necessary, the Russian Transport Lines Company organises the transportation of your cargo from the seller’s warehouse to one of our warehouses.

Service for the delivery of consolidated cargoes may be interesting if the volume of goods for transportation is significantly less than the capacity of the container.

Goods to be delivered arrive in Vladivostok, where customs clearance takes place, which can be carried out by specialists of our company - both under your contract and under a broker's contract. After customs clearance, we can arrange delivery of your cargo to any point of Russia.

Thus, we offer:

  - collection of goods in the countries of Southeast Asia;

  - provision of warehouses;

  - registration of transport and customs documents in the country of departure;

  - freight forwarding services;

  - identification of HS codes;

  - calculation of the cost of customs duties, taxes and fees;

  - execution of all permits for import of goods into Russia;

  - declaration of goods imported into the territory of Russia;

  - shipment by train to any station of the Russian Federation.


While carrying out the delivery, we track the freight on all route of delivery.

We provide our customers with a full package of documents for the goods (copy of the Customs Declaration, invoice, agency agreement, certificates). Thus, we provide you with maximum convenience in the documentation while implementing the delivery.

The exact cost of the services provided by our company is calculated on the basis of a specific request from the Customer.


Oversized goods

Sometimes we have to send undivided loads of large volume - for example, machine-tools and mechanisms, vehicles, yachts, various large-sized parts and components. Thanks to our extensive experience, we cope with any task of sending oversized cargo, and, if necessary, we resort to the help of partners in the right geographic location. If you need to send an oversized cargo, our specialists will develop an optimal delivery scheme, provide customs clearance, help to deliver the cargo at its destination.